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Silber Turbos Snowcheck 2018

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Snowcheck Season is upon us! All that is required is a $500 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to assure the best pricing of the season and earliest delivery. You will be sent an invoice for the balance one the kit is ready to ship.

Details for all the kits are below, Just make sure to select the right one on the right to order.

2019 Axys 850

We are excited about our Axys 850 kit. The kit is already in development, with an anticipated delivery sometime prior to December 1. A $500 deposit secures your kit, with the rest due prior to shipment. 

There are two options for 2019, our standard tried and true external wastegate kit as well as an intercooled kit. Most riders running 3-7psi will find the simplicity and cleanliness of the standard kit to suit them. Those looking for the coolest charge temps and highest boost, the water to air setup is going to be your ticket!

Snowcheck US Pricing (in US Dollars)

  • External wastegate $3375 (in season $3750)
  • External wastegate with water to air intercooler $4050 (in season $4500)


Axys 800

For 2019 our Axys kit is getting revised to eek even more performance from the tried and true 800 CFI motor. New mapping, improved clutching all driven by the tried and true factory ECU. Pull the rope. Ride. 

We are offering this kit in two trim levels, the standard external wastegate, our most popular kit to date. and a premium water to air intercooled kit, for those riders looking to push the most boost in the most extreme environments. 

Snowcheck Pricing (In US Dollars)

  • External wastegate kit: $3375 (retail $3750)
  • External wastegate with water to air intercooler: $4050 (retail $4500)
  • Quiet can adds $100.
  • Non-Refundable Deposit of $500 reserves your kit in first come first serve order. Remainder of payment required prior to shipping kit sometime prior to December 1. 

2017+ SkiDoo G4 850

  • New for 2019 includes revised clutching, a new fuel map and race can. This is the *exact* external wastegate setup Jay Mentaberry took to the top for the win in the open mod class at the hillclimb world championships in Jackson WY. Both Jay and Blaine have tested this kit extensively with incredibly positive results. Coupled with our new clutch kit, this thing is unstoppable! 

Snowcheck pricing is $3375; retail $3750


2011-2015 Pro RMK

Snowcheck is here! Reserve yours today for $500 to guarantee the best pricing of the season and assured fall delivery! Snowcheck ends May

  • Internal wastegate kit with reflash $2995 (retail $3,250). 
  • External wastegate kit with reflash $3375 (retail $3750). 

Please note, if you have a 2011-2012 Pro RMK you will also need to purchase an ECU from us. Deposit of $500 required now, rest required prior to shipping of kit.