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The goal for the Axys turbo kit was to continue upon the success of the existing RMK line and to look for ways to add additional value. The Silber design team was tasked to focus on 6 key areas: Improving performance, easier “no cut” installation, user friendly operation, utilizing high quality components, improving manufacturing processes, and deliver a system that is priced to allow the general sledding population to afford.

The Silber Turbos team began development of this new turbo kit during the 2014-2015 season and has been testing, refining and developing manufacturing processes to ensure Silber Turbos continues to lead the way into the 2019 season.

A note on intercoolers: Please note: for most riders we suggest the non-intercooled kit. Those who want to run full race gas and bump their boost to 10+ psi may want to consider the intercooler. Anyone going over 10 may also need to consider larger injectors and a customer map. If you are looking for 12+psi, please call.