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Zbroz A-Arms for IQ /RMK/Pro RMK Chassis

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Ars FX A Arms for the IQ /RMK/Pro RMK series chassis are much stronger than your stock arms made from high-grade chromium-molybdenum steel and they also offer the industries only high ground clearance A Arm. These arms are a direct replacement for your stock Pro RMK or IQ RMK A Arms.

These Arms have been race tested by top RMSHA Hill Climb Teams. And endorsed by backcountry pro's like Geoff "Phatty" Dyer, Matt Entz and many more.  The 39 Inch arms are  compatible with stock sway bar connections for 2009 and newer sway bar. 

The narrow 36" kit requires the same shock length as the 2013 Pro RMK's which is 16.6" long. If you are installing this kit on any other year you will need to shorten your stock shock or purchase shocks with a 16.6" length or shorter. We recommend a 16.375" shock as ideal for this kit. It will also require some clearance grinding on the inside of the stock spindle to create clearance while turning. Also the sway bar is not used when installing this kit. We also recommend our spring kit for your stock shocks on any model year to improve the ride quality when going to this kit. Also the sway bar is not used when installing this kit.


**Individual components are available in the drop down menu. When ordering replacement parts you determine right or left as you are sitting on the sled**