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Polaris Pro RMK Turbo Kits

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Silber produces the best turbo kit for the Polaris Pro Ride/Rush chassis. Period. This kit enters its 4th generation, providing the rider with true pull and go reliability, unprecedented performance and outstanding dollar for dollar value.  Key features include a cutting edge rider friendly ECU-reflash and ability to run pump or race gas depending on boost level/elevation. Installation takes about 4-5 hours with this 100% bolt on kit. No welding, cutting, grinding or additional modification to the sled.

Please select kit that corresponds to your model year from the drop down list. Be sure to select the correct year. Kit comes in "standard" and "premium" trim. Premium trim includes the addition of external wastegate for smoother power delivery and better bottom end performance. Kit is set to deliver 7 pounds of boost, can be adjusted up or down.

***2011-2012 Require a 2013 or newer ECU. We stock them and can include them with your turbo kit today.***

 *** We guarantee best pricing on the season. Internal wastegate kit with reflash $3,250 External wastegate kit with reflash $3750